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Yea yea yea so I guess I am the village idiot huh. So Jake, the smart ass that he is, is being nice enough to make a small refugee camp for me here till I get my domains transferred to yet another host. For the record they did give me more than 1 week of service before closing their doors. and I did do my research at WHT. So thanks Jake for letting me post stuff here for the time being ;) Well it is good to be back on my own site. Kind of like it is nice to sleep in your own bed again. Thanks Jake for the refugee camp. believe me folks, you do not want to venture inside the mind of Jake Ortman! its pretty scary in there! he he. I am with another web host, this time one called HostApply. lets just hope this one does not go belly up in a one month time period. tomorrow (hell its today already) is my birthday (yay!) and I am going to my Dad's house for the weekend. So I do not think I will be posting anything. I do have one new post, and the rest of my posts from when I was using Jake's blog.

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