Adobe to drop OS 9 in next major Photoshop release

Full Article from MacCentral. All I have to say is "It's about time." Running Photoshop 7 in OS 9 is dog ass slow compared to running Photoshop 6. Of course I still feel the best version of Photoshop to run is version 5.5. It has the new layer styles and loads just a ton faster on the Mac then the more recent releases. This has been rumored for awhile, and it is nice to hear that OS 9 support will be dripped by Adobe. Maybe this will be across the board, and not just Photoshop. I have been using OS X since before the Public Beta. Ever since I used the original OS X Server (that would be OS X Server ver. 1, or Rhapsody) I have disliked using OS 9. I think it is the User Interface and File Management changes that make me not like using OS 9 any more. IMO Photoshop 7 is slow in OS X. I am sure this is due to the fact that it is still supporting Carbon. I seriously doubt that Adobe is going to give us a Cocoa version of Photoshop any time soon, but the next version of Photoshop for OS X will surely be a lot more optimized then Photoshop 7. I for one cannot wait for a faster running Photoshop in OS X. Now all we need is Quark to get off its lazy ass and release QuarkXPress 6 for OS X. Of course they were going to release ver. 5 for OS X, and that never happened. Quark 6 looks promising and the sooner the better for Apple as for the majority of the creative community that has yet to jump on the InDesign bandwagon.

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