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Here it is, don't read it! That is what the author, John Manzione sais in the first paragraph. But really, please read it. This is defiantly another Mac user who has figured out how to see beyond the Reality Distortion Field of Steve Jobs. Is the sound quality of AAC worse then MP3? I cannot tell a difference. but then I am not using some 5.1 or 6.1 audio system to listen to them. I really don't care. it is cheaper then going to the store. And as Apple's promotional video about the iTunes Music Store points out, you do not have to deal with humans to get music. I don't know about you but I am quite adept at buying a great deal of things online. about the only thing I have NOT bought online are groceries. there is a good point about the iTunes Music Store not being Mac & PC from the get go. I too think they were stupid not too do a simultaneous release. I don't care if they are catering to the Mac faithful first. I for one cannot wait till I can get iTunes 4 on my PC! The comment about Apple customer service is spot on too! I had that happen to me when the keys were popping off of my TiBook. The first call the tech. told me to talk to an authorized dealer in the area, get a confirmation number from said dealer, and call back. The second call the rep said "well I will just send you one" and I had it next day. The keyboard was/is a $120 User Replaceable Part (I know because of something called AppleOrder, a tool my dad uses to order parts from Apple) and the first guy I talked to did not want to give one to me. But the second guy I talked to had absolutely no problems sending me one, overnight shipment no less! This just means if you ever need to call Apple tech support (or any other tech support for that matter) be sure to call back if you do not get the response you think you should get the first time. In some ways this article validates my reasoning for going out and buying a PC out of the blue. as any of my close friends would tell you I am one of the biggest Apple "zealots" there is. I will always love the Mac. I still think the GUI and user experience is much nicer then XP, but I have developed a resistance to the Reality Distortion Field as well. OK now go read that article you are not suposed to read!

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