Enter The Matrix

I am taking this game back to Sam Goody on Monday! This is shit! It crashes on me in the middle of a mission, many times. I wonder why there are so many check/save points in the game (I am very glad there are or I would be even more frustrated by having to do even more backtracking to the point were it froze my machine)? I should have picked up the PS2 version. I think I will because it is a very fun game. I think the PC version has a lot of bugs in it. Once I reinstalled it (see earlier post) I am now about to play it at 1600x1200 rez, but I see now difference from when I play it at 800x600. I think this has to do with the fact that this is a console game first and a PC game second. I have never had so much trouble with a game on my PC. Playing it today it just died 3 times while in the middle of playing. I do not understand why. Some times it just dies and I see the desktop, but most times it kills my entire machine and I am forced to restart. Also if a lot of people are on scene at once shooting it bogs down really bad, I hope the PS2 version does not bog down do much. The game has a lot of keys mapped though so I do not know how it will handle on a controller, even the PS2 with the 4 shoulder keys. The FMV's are kick ass and are the reward for beating a level. They show another story from Reloaded, but it is a parallel story. On top of that it is a very fun fighting and shooting game. I very much dislike driving games. And I do not like the driving in this game. So I chose to play as Ghost, as Niobe does all the driving. Well Ghost has to drive in the Airport mission and man the control is crappy. They are not that responsive and it took me a while to actually back up if I made a mistake. Grand Theft Auto is the only driving I like, and this is no GTA as way of control is concerned! The things you can do in Bullet Time (Focus Meter) are very nice and at least it is not a total rip off of Max Payne (of course Max Payne's Bullet Time was a rip off to begin with, but hey). The extra moves you can do in Bullet Time in ETM are really nice. I am glad I got the game, it is great! I highly recommend it. I just do not recommend getting the PC version. It is horrible. Oh man I just watched a big chunk of movie footage and got to fight Trinity and destroy the garden we were fighting in! And my assumptions of Agent Smith are correct! Man this game is one hell of a ride! Now I am on the freeway shooting down police crusers. So cool. So fun!

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