Fast Food Ripoff

I have actually been avoiding fast food places very well in the past year or so. but alas I do not have any food in the apartment right now heh. Has this ever happened to you? You go through the drive through, you are in a hurry so you just speed off to your destination. You sit down and unpack the food. and things are missing. yea lame story right? Well I usually do not have food missing. something like a straw, or napkins, or dipping sauce for my chicken nuggets. It happened to me again tonite (no sauce for chicken nuggets and no straw for my drink) and this time I am going to go back to the place and complain. Cuz it has happened to me multiple times. It is ridiculous! What happened to service? I know those people at the drive through window have the routine together, they do the same thing for many hours a week. how can you forget a straw? "Yes I would like a small frosty and no spoon please." give me a break!

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