Forgot the Philips Screw Driver

For the longest time I would carry around my Leatherman Wave (call it "a Boy Scout thing" if you will but it comes in handy in the most wonderful times) but I have not had it on my belt for a while just because it is a pain to carry around. Well today I need to do some server maintenance. Student Publications has an OS X Server and I need to install a PCI Firewire card in (we have more than 2 firewire devices, and I cannot daisy chain them). So I open the G4 up, get the firewire card out, and ya know what, this would go a lot easier with a philips head screw driver! So I will now go back to wearing my Leatherman with me all the time just for moments like these. This brings me to a realization: mere jeans are not going to be enough for my "Digital Lifestyle." So far I do not fancy carrying my cell phone around on my belt. I don't really like carrying my Leatherman Wave around on my belt. Lets take inventory as to what I might carry around on any given day: * Leatherman Wave * Cell Phone * Palm m505 * Canon S330 * GBA SP * Check Book * Wallet (duh!) And I am thinking about getting a Pocket PC, so add that to that list too (maybe). Like I said, mere jeans cannot hold all these things, or half of these things comfortably. Do you remember those Dockers commercials with the guy who had the slacks with those big ass pockets? Those are some snazzy Geek Slacks. They are much more stylish then the I'm-a-l33t-g33k cargo pants. So I either need to get some cargo pants/slacks or some big pockets slacks like those Dockers. These cannot be had in Bowling Green Ohio though. We have "The Small" (its a small mall, hence the name) and the ONLY major clothing store left in it is Elder Bearmen (JC Penny moved out a while back). They don't have anything with an inseem for a 6'1" tall geek. Well now I am just ranting about the BG mall. So I will stop. I will find a good pair of geek pants tho, I will have my Digital Lifestyle, We will reveal ourselves to the Jedi, oh wait, sorry.

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I'm not a tall geek -- I'm an old geek. This post reminded me of a guy I knew in college (back in the 60s - really). Stan always wore this old crappy plaid sportcoat. Why? Pockets, man!

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