Fun at Sam Goody

After I sold off my XBOX and Game Cube I went over to Sam Goody. They had Zelda the wind waker and Panzar Dragon Orta on the demo consoles. I spent about 20 min. each playing them. I was a bit skeptical about the new Zelda but it is very well done and very fun. Panzar Dragon Orta is also very good, better then I expected. I remember Panzar Dragon on the SEGA Saturn. But Orta is a very addictive arcade style tunnel shooter. After playing these I am glad, not sad, that I sold my Game Cube and XBOX. I don't have time to play Zelda or Orta, and had I still had those consoles I would have bought both games. Both are great. Instead I picked up a PC game. I bought Unreal 2. I saw a video review of it from GameSpot. In the review it looked incredible but the reviewers said it lacked originality. I agree. Unreal 2 looks more like Halo then Halo looked like the original Unreal when it first hit the XBOX. The game is however very fun to play and is beautiful. The character designs look very Halo-ish but they are well done. The weapons are great, the animations for the weapons are cool. The sound effects actually sound good and like they belong, and the music keeps the tempo going well. So for a game that is not pushing the envelope open any further, it sure is a hella fun game. I was looking to get UT 2k3 but Sam Goody didn't have it. Oh well Unreal 2 will keep me awake just as much as UT 2k3 would. I don't sit and play video games for hours on end like I used to which is strange. I play for ah hour or so and then remember that I should be doing something else. I had a $5 off coupon for their members program so I ended up paying $37 for Unreal 2. Can't beat that.

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