Is Nintendo becoming the next SEGA?

We all know that the Game Boy Advance is the market leader in handheld gaming. The Game Boy has always been that. But the Game Cube is starting to look a little long in the tooth and software developers are starting to think twice about publishing for the Cube. Even SEGA has decided not to put out the SEGA Sports line for the Cube anymore, and SEGA is finally seeing black ink as a software developer. The Game Cube has always been 3rd man out in the NIntendo, Sony, M$ battle for console top dog. Sales of the Cube are down. Is this because in recent years the gaming demographic has grown up? There are less young kids playing games and more adults? This is my opinion on the matter. I have always thought that the Cube needed more adult games. The last game I bought for the Cube was Resident Evil Zero. Eternal Darkness was pretty good too. But that's all folks. Other notable non kiddie games do not come to mind right now for the Cube. Nintendo used to be the market leader but Sony is the M$ of the console game world, even with M$ in the mix.


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Yeah, I stopped with the N64, and sold it to buy a PSX and Final Fantasy VII. When Square started only making Final Fantasy for Sony consoles, I switched, and never looked back.

Even the newest Zelda for the Cube looks like it's for a 7 year old. I like my games to be more realistic looking, not cartoony.

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