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What a first week for the iTunes Music Store huh? It is a shame that Apple did not release the Windows software at the same time. I personally think that "over 1 million" in the first week would have been much higher if the Windows crowd got to buy songs at 99¢ a pop as well. I for one cannot wait to see the iTunes Music Store on Windows. Not only because I will be able to play my bought music on my PC, but because iTunes 4 on Windows is a Good Thing(tm). I cannot wait until I do not have to use WinAmp 3 to play my MP3 files. Its not a bad app, but nothing comes close to iTunes. The 2 new features in iTunes 4 that are worth note and worth a try (other then the new Music Store) are the remote playlists. You have two options: over standard IP and Rendevous. I have tried both out and all I can say is "very cool" You can connect to someone else's playlists over IP just as you can over Rendevous. The new iPods are cool, and I was eagerly waiting for there release as I have drooled over the thought of owning one for some time now. It is nice to see that Apple has come to its senses and put the Mac and PC version in one box. But there is always something that baffles me about some of Apple's hardware & software releases. Why the hell would you take the Firewire port off of the iPod? That one detail right there is making me seriously think about NOT getting one. With the old style iPod, of which I used one from work for a few weeks, it was easy enough to find any Firewire cable anywhere to move files or MP3's to the iPod. Now with no Firewire port on the device, you are forced to use an Apple proprietary (that is something that Apple has been good at doing is using proprietary technology. Something they have gotten better at NOT doing this but sometimes proprietary tech. just does not make sense to me) iPod cradle to Firewire cord. So it makes the iPod much less of a dual purpose device, and more of a dedicated MP3 player. Why did Apple take the Firewire port off of the new iPod? I would have bought the 30 gig iPod if it were not for that. If they took it off to make is slimmer, that is a very irritating reason. Why take the Firewire off of the iPod? Come on! If I were dreaming and worked at Apple my suggestion would be to take that cradle and shove it. Put a USB 2 and a Firewire port on the bottom of the iPod. Then there are no extra friggin odd ball cords to mess with. Problem with USB is it cannot power and charge the iPod so you need that new cradle for that. Fine - use that iPod Dock Connector to Firewire and USB 2.0 Cable that apple released for charging the device. But a standard USB cable that can be found anywhere could be used to load MP3 or data files onto the thing. That's why I liked the "original" iPod, I could just grab a Firewire cable out of the cabinet and move files or MP3s over. Not any more. It is a shame. I was about to part with a big chunk of money to have a combo MP3 player/portable HD. I guess I will just stick to my Macsmith Firewire HD. I do not need a MP3 player that much!

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