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For those not initiated yet MMORPG stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. Their are other MMO games, some with and some without a persistent world. People who know me would think I would be jumping on this band wagon and getting an EverQuest or Ultima account. There is one thing I do not agree with though. The pricing model of these MMO games is insane! The other reason I have not gotten EverQuest is I am afraid i will just be sucked into playing it all the time, and I do not want that to happen. For many reasons. it costs the same to buy EverQuest as it does to buy non online game. Then you need to pay $10-$15 a month. Why not sell the game for say $25? I don't know the stats on how many months an average user stays with a MMO game. But I am guessing that is it is more then enough to recoup the cost of producing and packaging the game to put in on store shelves. But we have come to expect the next big PC game to cost $50, no matter what features it boasts. I would also be more inclined to spend somewhere between $5-$8 a month on a MMO game. For one I would be able to afford more than one of those games a month. Also If I am going to spend the $10-$15 a month on a game I sure am going to want to put my time into it or it would just be a waste of my money. I don't have time to spend hours and hours a day to play a game online (or off line for that matter). So there is no way I am going to invest $10-$15 a month for a MMO game. Not even FFXI - about the only MMORPG I think I would really enjoy. If Marrowind was online I might think twice about paying a monthly fee for it. But those are the only 2 games I think I would enjoy online. Marrowind because I have played it to death on my XBOX and PC and just love the game play, and FFXI because, well because it is Final Fantasy (even though it really isnt, it is just a nice looking MMORPG put together by square with the FF name and some FF like story/charector elements). I understand there are costs to keep the infrastructure and server farms running to allow people to play MMO games but do the costs need to be so high? The customer is always going to want lower prices but at what point is the video game industry gouging customers?

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