New TV and DVD Player

Maybe now Jake will buy me that domain, he he. Cuz he calls me that all the time. These new toys are thanks to some freelance FileMaker Pro development I am doing (not the FMP stuff I do for the University). The TV is an RCA 27" TrueFlat and looks like this. The DVD Player is a CyberHome CH-DVD 300 and looks like this. I love the flat screen on the TV. It is a very crisp picture. Oooh sooo nice! The DVD Player is soo small, has about a 8 3/4 inches wide footprint. It will also play authored or unauthored MPEG1 and MPEG2 files. It was on sale at Radio Shack for $50. Sure there are Apex ones that do more, but why pay for it?

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I am going to buy that domain one of these days, and put up a page dedicated to all the crap you own that you've told me about. I keep all my ICQ/e-mail logs, big guy, so I've got tons of dirt on you... you spoiled little bitch. ;)

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