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Here is a list of some of the online comic strips I go to from time to time. * The Little Things * User Friendly * Dilbert * FoxTrot * Mac Hall - BGSU! * Penny Arcade * PVP Online And don't forget to check out! These were submitted by Jake. They are a little odd, but then so is he :-P * Bizarro * Red Meat * Non Sequitur

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Those are all good (and there's a couple there that I hadn't seen). A few more I'd add to the list (though they're not very geeky, but damn funny):

Red Meat
Non Sequitur

They're on my daily read list (though Bizarro's online comics about 2 weeks dated, and Red Meat's only a weekly).


Ken said I should add two of my recommendations. and are great, too. Real unique.

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