Samual Adams Boston Lager

I for one don't really care for Light beer. It does not matter if it is Miller Light, Bud Light, Labatt Blue Light, or Natty Light (now I still drink them, don't get me wrong I am not going to pass on a Light beer just because it is weak! Lets not get crazy here). I do not care for Light beer. I never have. Even when I did not have enough money to get better beer, say freshman year of college, I would rather spend the money on better beer then get a case of Natural Light. My personal favorite is Killians. And after a first dislike for Guiness, I now like that too. I have always had a preference for dark beer over that Light crap. Well today I decided to try Sam Adams Boston Lager. I have never given a Sam Adams a try before, but what the hell I will try any alcoholic beverage at least once! heh. Boston Lager has a little bit more after taste then Killians but it is a great beer! I just thought you all should know.

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Roberta Kious:

My husband has been drinking Sam Adams Boston Lager for as long as I can remember. I purchased several 12-packs shortly before Christmas. Upon opening each of the bottles, the beer overflowed. This has never have before. Can you tell me why?

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