Sold Game Cube & XBOX; GBA SP Rocks

I finally did it! It has been over 6 months since I have played either my Game Cube or my XBOX. I know some people are going to be shocked and amazed that I actually sold one of my beloved video game systems. Well I sold 2 of them :-P I guess the right time had come along. There is a CR Music Exchange store in town that has a lot of stuff: music, movies, games, mobile phones, tv, sterio, etc, etc. I got $265 for my 2 systems, extra controllers, and games. I ended up getting a cell phone, and a couple GBA games with the little that was left over. I kinda feed bad selling them, but I do not think I will be missing them at all. I have not had the urge to play them in quite some time now. I was gonna pack up my PS2 and sell that too, but didn't want to be too rash all of a sudden. So I decided to keep my PS2, and I will be keeping my GBA as well. I did however go to Toledo and traded my GBA in for a discount on a GBA SP. The GBA SP is great! and with the $40 trade in it was a heck of a deal. I got the silver one. That backlight screen is so nice. It makes me want to play the GBA so much more now that I do not have to hunt and work at finding/getting good light to play it.

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Shoulda ditched the PS2 (vulgar, horible, hideous machine) and kept the GameCube :=D

nah, the PS2 is the best out of the 3, hands down!

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