Spider-Man DVD

Did you see the cameo by Stan Lee?? I did, but I admit I missed it when I first saw this film in the theature. It is when the Green Goblin first attacks the balcony at the parade. Stan Lee was also selling hot dogs in X-MEN when Senator Kelly walks up on the beach. I did not catch him in X2, and I have seen it twice now, grr. He must be in that one too! First off I have to give the DVD interface for Spider-Man a big fat F! I could have done something better in iDVD and I have done much better in DVD Studio Pro. Not only did you have to fiddle with the buttons to get them to work (the click area was a mystery on almost every button), but everything was very low rez. The buttons were low rez, and the informational 3D rendered text was also low rez. There is no excuse for this, not in this day and age. The menus in the Special Features DVD were not at all better. One of the best parts of the Special Features DVD was the E! Entertainment hour or so long feature. It was great, all expept for the PATHETIC web site based polls they did about superheros. Who is gonna win in EVERY poll they did? Gee, I don't know? Please tell me!? Spider-Man of course! Those polls were really bad. The special features included with Spider-Man are pretty good. There is a good bit of artwork to flip through. There is also a lot of background about the comics to read. I saw Spider-Man in the theature, and lets face it, the real reason we all went to see it was for Kirsten Dunst - Hello Nurse! The fact that the movie turned out to be great was an added bonus. :-P I never read comic books when I was a kid, but I loved the artwork of Marvel and DC, so I drew a lot of the characters a lot. So seeing Spder-Man like seeing X-MEN on the silver screen was something cool from my childhood. That is why I loved watching Spider-Man. I cannot wait till 2004 to see Spider-Man II when we get to see Dr. Octopus!

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