The Matrix Reloaded, Review 1

I am gonna split this into two reviews for a couple of reasons. The first reason is I need to get to sleep, and that is the main reason. The second is because the movie does not come out until, well, today, May 15. I got to see the 10 PM show on May 14th. I was really amazed that the BG mall (we call it the small around here) had a special showing. I saw about 8 people there I knew too, which was pretty cool. As my friend Brandon put it "You know when the freaks come out." I am not gonna spoil anything in this review, at least I am not going to be blatant about it. The next review I will discuss spacific events in the movie. I don't know if the Directors did this on purpose or not but there is a heavy amount of philosophy about The Matrix and the Real World given by a lot of the actors. I was sitting in the front row at the theater, the rest of the row filled with kids under 15 yrs. old. The look on their faces during these scenes of heavy dialog about The Matrix (and other things) was nothing short of pure confusion. There is one scene at the very end of the movie I did not even catch all of. I am gonna have to watch the movie again to see that conversation again. I mean I would go see it again regardless. I just don't know if the directors did not deliberately put that much dialog in there to make people go back to see it another time. There is so much behind The Matrix that needs to be explained so I am glad these scenes were in the movie. It is just a shock since the first movie had hardly any scenes of lengthy monologe that explained the philosophy of how the Matrix and other things work. Still, too much talking. That is not to say the movie moves slow. It has very good pacing to it. There are a lot more fighting in Reloaded, and a lot more scenes of that green code stuff, as Neo can now see the The Matrix as code. There is more thinking you have to do while sitting in your seat eating your popcorn and guzzling your pop this time. More than the first movie. It was more thinking that I thought I would be doing watching Reloaded. Now that I am home and have absorbed the movie my mind is popIping with "oh" and "I see" and "I get it now" that my mind had not processed in the movie theater. It was way too much to process while sitting in the theater with my popcorn and pop. A serious amount of information overload. I would go as far as saying my mind had an orgasm of information to decipher. I think that (most) of the audience "got it" though. It did not detract from the flick, or make you irritated at it like it does in other movies I have seen. Those kids sitting next to me and all throughout the theater were sure confused at parts though. The information needed to be said, it needed to us the audience to understand the movie and the directors did it in a very smart way. I am however glad I did not have to take a bathroom break in the middle because of all the pop I had consumed. :-P I hate it when that happens. You do not want to get up and miss any part of this movie. Beyond the obvious reasons there are a lot of plot points and answers to lingering questions from the first movie (and answers to the entire lore of the Matrix) you do not want to miss. They put much more "thinking" into this second movie. There are three or so parts in the movie you really have to think about what they are saying. I think this was on purpose because now I am going to go back to the theater and be able to "think" a little clearer while watching Reloaded for the second time. The Burly Brawl scene that you should know about by now was wonderful. It was not when I expected it, and at the beginning of the brawl scene you find out something that was totally unexpected, Warner Bros. held this, like other secrets of Reloded very well until you saw the movie. The fight at the french dood's place was another big scene with a lot of melee weapons like swords and the like (We already had got to see how well Neo can handle a lamp post in the Burly Brawl scene, so you knew that this was also gonna be a good fight.). That was pretty cool. There was just a little bit too much flying around tho, and not only by Neo either. By far the best scene in the movie is the chase scene. This one part of the movie was the most costly as well. If you did your homework there actually was a highway constructed to shoot the entire scene. The chase with Trinity on a Ducati was the highlight of the entire scene. And I read she did that herself. I only wonder how much of it she did herself. The fight between Morpheus and an Agent on the top of a semi was pretty nice too. And I must say seeing two semi trucks hit head on and destroy each other was the best part of that entire scene! The new Bullet Time was blatantly and gratuitously used in the Burly Brawl scene. But man did it make that fight sweet. They used the new Bullet Time very well sprinkled out throughout the entire movie, more so then how they used Bullet Time in the first Matrix movie. This time I do not think the FX will get ripped off so easily. At least I hope not. Don't get me started about Matrix ripoffs. Can anyone say Bulletproof Munk? Going into the movie I knew there was going to be a cliffhanger of an ending. And the part of the movie I thought would be the spot where they would stop they didn't, which I am glad for. You get a little bit of closing information by the crew of the ship and then the movie ends. I think it was wrapped up enough tho. It does leave questions but you want that for the third movie. Good ending though. Oh and for god sakes DON'T leave when the credits roll. If you do you will miss the trailer for Revelations. I am just remembering reading that in the Wired mag article. So what did I do? I left when the credits rolled :-P Damn, well there is another reason to see it again. heh, how many reasons do you need to see this movie again? Later today, or tomorrow I will have a more indepth look into Reloaded. It will probably have some spoilers in it. You will just have to deal with that. Oh and for those of you who must put a letter or number on everything, i give this movie an A+.

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