Wakin' Me Up

I cannot wait until my cell phone is my only phone (this will happen when I move, as my roomate and I are not getting a landline). I have been woken up about 4 times out of what I like to call deep sleep in the past week or so. I don't care if it is family that is calling, it still pisses me off to no end. Most the time it is telemarketers. And if I am coherent enough to pick up the phone I just love it when it is telemarketers. Cuz that is the time when I like to fuck with them and become the worst person they have on their call list. It will be so nice to turn off my cell phone and not have to listed to any ringing phone wake me up. When I am asleep and past the point of dreaming I like to stay that way because that usually means I am exhausted. OK rant over, it just really ticks me off when I am trying to sleep and my phone rings and I am not coherent enough to even answer it. grrrrrrr

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