"Weird Al" Yankovic - Poodle Hat

One of the nice thing about a college paper is that we get a lot of music to review. Most of the time this music is either crap, or its indie music. We do not get a lot of mainstream music. When we do it is great! Last week we got the new "Weird Al" CD and it kicks arse. It is as good as Running with Scissors. The Spoof on Eminem's Lose Yourself and Nelly's It's Getting Hot in Here are the best tracks. Ode to a Superhero, is about Spider-Man and the Spider-Man movie and sung to the tune of Piano Man. The Backstreet Boys, Avril Lavigne, Custom, and I think Tom Petty are spoofed as well. There are also great polka tracks that "Weird Al" always has on his albums. Another great CD from "Weird Al," go get it if you are a fan.

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