A new CSS color model!

This was posted by Jake at Utterlyboring.com but it is just so darn cool news I had to post it here. I got his permission of course :-D If you have ever done any major Photoshop or desktop publishing work, you know that adjusting the hue, saturation and lightness (HSL) values of colors is a quick and easy way to adjust colors, especially if you're looking to adjust a color to make it a slightly different shade. Coming, in CSS3 is a whole new color model that will allow HSL colors to be used online. Why is this nice? The advantage of HSL over the current RGB model is that it is far more intuitive: you can guess at the colors you want, and then tweak. It is also easier to create sets of matching colors (by keeping the hue the same and varying the lightness/darkness, and saturation). Here's an article that discusses it a bit more.

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Very nice, Can see a lot more pastel coloured "neutral" sites coming from this :-D

Will IE ever support CSS3 though? Who cares, It doesn't even support CSS2 yet plus Gecko and KHTML are far superiour, hurah :-P :=D

Yea down with Exploder. Esp. since MS has stopped developing it for the mac.

They did mac owners a favour.. If only they'd stop developing it for Windows, then perhaps people could see the web how it's supposed to be and stop using IE-only code to make sites.

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