Again, what is this blog?

A friend of mine (who will remain nameless) asked me what exactly this blog is for. I can tell he is after a classification. I am not sure I want to classify this web site. The original thought and reason I started Breaking Windows was the fact that I had just purchased a PC and wanted to chronicle my experiences with it, as I have never used a PC on a daily basis. I have always said "I know enough about Windows to break it." That is where the name came from. And when I found that the .com was available (the .net is home to some Breaking Windows book that I might just read) I grabbed it as soon as I could. What a great name! So the that was the concept for the site. Oh and this is just for Jake. He is a cry baby, but anyway: Jake had this blog, at the time called Inside the Mind of Jake Ortman (yea that scares me too) that has evolved into which is also a great name for a site. At the time I was trying to figure out this blog stuff and which software I wanted to use. Well he kept bugging me and bugging me that I needed a blog. And I did, they are pretty cool, and I am all about doing the "cool" things. No really, I really liked the idea of having a personal CMS at my fingertips. Once I saw the community behind Movable Type I was sold (and it is free no less). Now I cannot give 100% credit to Jake, I had the idea to blog about my Windows experiences, but thanks in part to him this site is here. There ya go, there are your props, you deserve it. Originally I was not even going to post any Mac stuff, or much of anything else that has been posted on this site. So I cannot really classify this site. If you ask Jake he will tell you "its that spoiled little bitch's blog." But it has evolved into much more then "this has been my experience with Windows" and "these are my cool toys that Jake doesn't have" site. It is sorta like a diary, and at the very least it helps keep my sane. Why don't I just come out and say it. I like to rant about stuff. Raving is fun too, but not as good as ranting. This type of thing is an outlet that we all need. Some people write in a diary or a journal. I prefer typing it. As a technical note, I put this site together because I do not have to adhere to any client requests. I can do whatever I want with it. I don't have to think twice about using all CSS for the layout, etc. etc. It is nice to have a site like that. I can't state that enough. It is really nice to have a site that I can do whatever I want with. Unless you develop web sites you might not truly understand this. So I hope you enjoy all the gibberish I post, and hope that you spread the word about that "spoiled little bitch." Oh and yes I have plans for that domain, I just do not know how to bring those plans to fruition yet, technically.

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