Apple's False Advertising

I have never understood this: Since the first G4 Apple has used the Pioneer DVD-RW drive in their systems. First it was the 103 (1x) then 104 (2x) and now the 105 (4x). The DVR-105 is neerly identicle to the DVR-A05, I do not fully understand the difference, but there is one. Anyway, back to the subject at hand. Apple's SuperDrive, as they call it, is a "DVD-R" If you look at the technical specs pages it says "SuperDrive (DVD-R/CD-RW)." This is not the case. It is in fact a DVD-RW. Both Apple Disk Copy and Toast can whipe and rewrite to a DVD-RW disc. Why? Because it is a Pioneer drive. Pioneer is not going to make a special drive that has less features. This causes a problem. You have both new and old Mac folks asking the question. Is it a DVD-RW? Well yes it is timmy, but Apple doesn't like saying that. This makes Mac users out to be stupid, and PC folks love to yuk it up to the expense of stupid Mac users. And believe me, I have seen my fair share of stupid Mac users. I have seen my fair share of stupid PC users too, its just that the stupid Mac users are more fun to laugh at (for me) cuz the computer and the OS are already made with easy usability in mind. So if anyone would like to weigh in on why Apple does not promote their SuperDrive as a DVD-RW and only a DVD-R please comment. I think it is bad for potential "switchers" or Mac folks looking to buy a new Mac, like say that new G5. I cannot count the number of times I have told both Mac and PC folks that yes it is indeed a DVD-RW they are getting. If you do not believe me go into Apple System Profiler (Apple Menu > About This Mac, click More Info) and check out the Devices & Volumes tab. It will say Pioneer, and if you got the latest G4 it will say 104, that is a DVR-104. So please, please, help spread the word. We are here to educate those who cannot seem to go to a web page and look at the actual specs. But no, I do not blame people for not knowing. I blame Apple. They are the ones marketing it as only a DVD-R drive. Why Apple, why?


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Maybe 'cause if they did, people would be all over it as Apple "pioneering" (heh) DVD-copying for all, and making it look cool and mainstream. Not good news for iTunes, eh? ;-)

́pioneeringî eh heheh. good one :-P

i dont know how it would look any worse then me getting a Pioneer DVR-A05 drive in my alienware rig. hell you can bootled DVDs onto CD-R's so whats the difference, just using less amount of discs puting them to a DVD-R. oh yea thats another thing, Apple calls it a DVD-R, which is what u would use to copy a DVD anywho. with the RW you would just be able to resue it, say if you didnt want to keep that copy of Finding Nemo, sorta like what u did with that old VHS copy of Dances With Wolves when you wanted to tape the new Sienfeld episode. same thing, just digital.

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