Back to the Future Trilogy DVD

I have spent the past 5 days watching the loads of extras on these 3 movies. It is amazing how much work was put into this DVD set. I borrowed this from a buddy of mine but I am going to buy it now! It is worth every penny. The quality of the movies is excellent. Bob Gale says in one of the many features that it is actually one generation better then what was shown in theaters. I am very impressed with the quality because my memory of these films is from VHS, bootlegged VHS actually. So watching these on DVD sure is nice. I have been wanting to see these movies on DVD for a while. The Back to the Future trilogy is a fond memory from my childhood. Just seeing these movies on DVD is enough to get this set. But I cannot stress enough how much extra commentary and features are on these 3 discs. All three discs have different features but all have 4 main features in common: The Making of Back to the Future, Making the Trilogy, Q & A with Robert Zemechis and Bob Gale, and Feature Commentary with Bob Gale and Neil Canton. These 4 things make up the most of the DVD and are the first things I watched (after watching the movies of course). The other extras found are pretty standard such as deleted scenes, out-takes, and special effects features. Each movie has an Animated Anecdotes (full length feature) track, but this did not work well at all on my DVD player. It does have a note that says: This function may affect playability on some DVD models. And it sure does because the animated anecdotes don't work. These anecdotes do however work in my PC I just found out. So I will have to watch that track on my computer. This is sorta like Pop Up Video on VH1 that has little bit of info that pop up on screen. Bob Gale, the Writer/Producer for the trilogy does a wonderful job. It is him that really makes this set shine. It is a shame that Robert Zemechis was not on the Feature Commentary but Bob Gale more then made up for it. He talked through out the entire movie, and explained quite a lot about the story, as well as how things might have gone but got changed in the writing process. One thing I was always amazed about was the amount of product placement in the trilogy. Many of the stories Bob Gale told were of product placement. He also explained some of the more obvious and not so obvious gags in the movie. There is so much information on the background of the film, the special effects, techniques and technologies created by ILM, and info about the story and plot points. The amount of extra features in this set is over and above what is seen in a DVD release these days. Bob Gale really makes all the features shine. He does the Feature Commentary as well as all the other features such as the deleted scenes, making of features, etc, etc. One of the many interesting things I learned about Back to the Future II is that Elijah Wood is one of the two kids in the Cafe 80's at the arcade. This is just one of the cool things I found out about the Back to the Future trilogy. These movies have always been in my 'all time favorites' list, and this DVD set shows so much more about the trilogy.

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