Different G5 Comparisons

Check out this page to see some different numbers from what is seem on Apple's site. Reading the hate mail at the bottom of the page is pretty funny. As we should take any kind of comparisons with a grain of salt, this guy looked in the PDFs provided on Apple's site. I think the most obvious fudge is the turning off of HyperThreading on the P4 and Xeon procs. Also using libraries that the common computer buyer/user would have access to is pretty dumb in my book. Its worth a read. It gets beyond the Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field a little bit.

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I don't know - I've seen benchmarks that show P4's as slower with hyperthreading on some loads as well. And this is a year-2000 test, right? HT wasn't even on the table for that then. So maybe it's fair enough. But I agree, stats can be very misleading . . .

Absolutely Hilarious!
I love it when Mac users get offended if people diss their "culture" or whatever.

The fact is that this guy has shown some of the flaws in Apples benchmarks, he's not saying the G5 will run like a 66MHz 486, he's simply saying that the G5 is not as good as apple claim it to be.

Some of the peoples reactions are plain ridiculous, it's pathetic, if someone called my AMD slow, I'd just agree with them, it is slow, whats the point in arguing.. the machine does what I want it to, even though its not a 3.2GHz Pentium 4.

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