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This might seem small, but if you are doing a lot with files in Explorer (or the Finder) it is big. It is big to me. As you may have guessed by now I am a big advocate of user interface and usability. I would have never noticed the absence of a Duplicate command in the contextual menu of Explorer had it not be for the fact that I use Duplicate a lot in the Finder. Say that I want to duplicate a file in the Mac OS - you either hit Command + D or right click and select Duplicate. In Windows I have to right click and select Copy, then select Paste. Is there a keyboard shortcut in Windows to duplicate a file?

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You can use Ctrl+c to copy then Ctrl+p to paste.

Actually it's Ctrl+V to paste, not ctrl+p.

yea the copy/paste thing is OK but one keystroke to do it would be nice.

in Mac OS i hit command D, then hit enter to rename the file. really handy.

Thanks for catching that typo Dubois. It was early ;-D

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