Exploror 5 for the Mac dead

I know this is not breaking news as I did not post this last friday when this broke but it is big news. MS has stopped development of IE for the Mac. They are releasing a security and performance update and that is it, no future development. Also see Apple response to MS dropping Exploder, a, I mean Explorer. It sounds like MS is giving in to Apple and Safari (in the MacCentral article). But I do not think that it is Safari that MS is giving in to. I could be wrong here but I think there are more geko based web browsers (Netscape, Mozilla, Cameno) being used then Safari by OS X users. Lets face in tabbed browsing has hit the mainstream now that Safari has them and even non geeks are learning how nice they are to use. MS would have to put in much time to add features to IE such as tabbed browsing, and a password manager/forms autofill feature to name just a couple. IE has forms autofill but its not that great. Once again Apple has taken something a bit too "geeky" and made it the defacto standard, tabbed browsing. Since Safari is still labeled a "beta" product there are a lot of users who will not touch it. I know this because I have supported enough end users over the years to see this first hand. Some people are afraid of beta software. But with Apple pushing Safari so much people are gonna download it and go "holy cow" when they realize how much faster it is compaired to IE. Of course when people tell me this I ask them if they have ever heard of OmniWeb or Cameno or Mozilla. Of course they havent because those are geeky web browsers. If you look at a comparison chart of the technologies that IE 5 for Mac supports, and compare that to Mozilla and Safari you would be very amazed as to what IE is limited too, and the kinds of holes that exist in the IE engine. But this really does not matter because people will still be using IE 5 for OS X a year from now because they don't like to change. Just like the many administrative offices at BGSU are still using Netscape 4.7. I think the MacBU at MS is much better served not developing IE though. I am glad they have stopped. Not because I hate IE for Mac, I do, especially from a web developer standpoint, but because I think they can use those developer resources on other projects. Lets not forget that MS now owns Virtual PC. I for one cannot wait to see a faster Virtual PC running on my OS X box.

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Microsoft doing apple a favour then? :D

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