Improvements in Panther

The improvements to Panther are pretty nice. Some seem noveltys and some seem way to late to the table. Safari 1.0 - Its about time. Making Safari the default browser in 10.3 makes sense. Putting out a SDK for it makes even more sense. I have heard from developers that the HTML rendering in 10.2 is lacking. Exposé - Now this is something that is beyond Command+H. This really takes window management to an entirely new level. Fast User Switching - Its about time. It looks like it works well. I was talking to a buddy of mine, Eric, about how OS X needs to have a multiple desktop enviroment like this new fast user switching works. At first thought it might work using a "Work" user and a "Play" user and a "Code" user etc. to have different desktops. But they you have to think about user permissions and preferences. Font Book - Its about time. When Adobe said "No ATM for you!" when OS X came out Apple should have seen the crying coming. Also with a zillion and one places to store fonts, thats just confusing, even to the people who understand what a network font folder is. Not only that but here is some functionality that OS 9 had that OS X did not (a gripe all too common, and rightly so). In OS 9 if you double clicked on a font you could preview it. That does not exist nativly in 10.2. Font Book provides this and more. Finder Labels - Its about time. There are however better solutions out now. Labels X from Unsanity and Path Finder both offer the traditional colored folder idea from OS 9. I am not sold on the color the folder name thing. But then I have not played with this 10.3 beta yet. It doesnt matter, labels are back in OS X with no 3rd party apps required! woo hoo! Revamped Finder - There are some nice updates here. And I am glad to see the changes to the open/save dialog boxes as well. The developer of Path Finder must have the Panther beta or seen these screen shots because the new beta of Path Finder 2.1.5 has similar functionality with the new left pane of the Finder. I just wonder if the new Finder is any faster? I saw Folder Actions are back. Here is another OS 9 feature that should have came "out of the box" in 10.0. (Folder Actions allow you to attatch AppleScripts to folders.) Preview - Its about time. Finally you can search in a PDF. Making it "faster then Acrobat Reader" has that because we can moxi to it as well. The other improvements shown off are nice, but they did not really make me say wow. Faxing? Sure if you need it, thats nice that its there. Mail - nice improvements but lets not get too cocky, the Baysian filtering added in 10.2 is the best feature yet. So they are finally using named in the address book like they should have from the start. iDisk - I don't use it but the new sync feature sounds like a nice feature. iChat AV - I don't have a video camera, but now Apple wants to sell me one, the iSight. FileVault - ever hear of PGP? Although this is yet another feature that was in OS 9.1, the ability to encrypt and decrypt documents. All in all 10.3 sounds like another solid upgrade that SHOULD NOT cost me $129 AGAIN. But please! How many new features in 10.3, just like the new features in 10.2 were leftovers from the OS 9 days. It doesn't matter, I will get the 10.3 upgrade the minute it comes out. These new features sure look nice.

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I want it, I want a G5, I want a larger bank balance :-P

I absolutely love OS X, but all these new additions and improvements, accompanied by running it on a G5 makes the mac the best desktop available at the moment, un-fortunately I dont think the prices are viable for the average desktop user.

Sure the pro's are gonna love them, but for most people a cheaper AMD or Intel will offer sufficient performance and a recognisable environment

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