It has been a long week

What a long busy week I have had. And to top it off friday I find out that there are all sorts of problems with the Key Yearbook database that is used to track senior pictures and yearbooks sold. That is a serious mess requiring a lot of extra work for the yearbook's secretary, and for me later on. Multiple problems equal one thing: FUBAR. So that is something I can add to my list of things that need attention this summer. I started training the Creative Director, Paul, of Unigraphics these last two weeks. We are hoping to roll out this invoicing system I have been working on for so long. While going over the vendor line items layout Paul gave me another "oh, can you add this." This translates to "I forgot to mention this to you six months ago, but could you add it." These types of things are not a problem, and they do not annoy me. It is fairly easy to implement new things. This time it is a markup on the vendor price. A percent dependent on the total vendor cost. It will require me to add two more calculation fields and change the grand total calc. as well. The thing is that these types of additions take time to put together. They push back the target roll out date, no one other then me seems to realize that. I have tried many times in the past 6 months to freeze feature additions to this database system, but it seems that that is not possible. And just like this vendor markup price, it is something that needs to go into the invoice now and not later. I am going to be very glad when this thing is in use. Of course that means it is on to phase 2 for me - Reports and Help System, yay.

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