Kung-Log is the best yet

Kung-Log is the best desktop blogging app out yet. It surpasses w.bloggar for the simple reason that it uses the built in Mac OS X spell checking. w.bloggar does have a spell checker, although I have found it to be very bad. w.bloggar is much more of a robust WYSIWYG editor. The options available are nice for sure, but I do not need all that when posting to a blog. The customizable HTML menu in Kung-Log is very nice, even allowing you to assign keyboard shortcuts. Where the customizable HTML tags feature takes a really nice turn is the ability to insert things from the clipboard. So all you do is have a URL copied, then select the text you want the link wrapped around. Once you select URL from the HTML drop down box that link is made from your clipboard. This is VERY NICE. It saves the paste step altogether. Since I have the Textile plugin installed it shows up in the Text Format popup in the Settings pane. This is another reason I like Kung-Log over w.bloggar or NetNewsWire. I can choose between using MT's text formatting or not. Kung-Log can grab info from iTunes. Thats a novelty, but cool none the less. I am listening to this right now: The Last DJ from the album "The Last DJ" by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers The way Kung-Log handles the way you handle linking things in your entry is unique and I think is the best feature it has. The preview window does a great job. Being able to select installed Text Formatting plugins is nice. And the very customizable HTML tags drop down menu is very cool. Kung-Log takes advantage of the great spell checking in Mac OS X, and this is a huge help for someone who cannot spell that well. These features all add up to the reason I will now be doing all my blog posting on my TiBook. I just figured out that I can select multiple categories for a post. Nice touch. Editing a previous post works well. I found problems in editing posts in NNW. I am very impressed with this software. The full version of NNW costs $40, this is donationware. I will donate for sure! Kung-Log has a feature for uploading files. I will have to play around with this and see how it works. I will use MT to do this as it has a template setup for this, and the server makes the thumbnails automatically. Just to see if it works I have used the built in image upload and thumbnail creation ability in Kung-Log. I am not sure if it using the Perl module to do the thumbnail or not but it works.

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