Laugh at Me Kicking a Scale

This looks so funny. Mike made this photo illustration for this multi-part feature in the local paper. The articles are centered around how people eat too much, and don't exercise. Not that I fall into that demographic. hah. So I kicked the crap out of a bunch of air for about an hour one day. This is what the final comp looks like. Click to enlarge (if you really want to). It is pretty funny, I must admit. I am all blurred out but anyone who knows me here in BG would be able to tell who it is. This was a 4 column photo, nearly the entire top half of the paper today, in color of course. The only time I will ever be on the front page of the paper :-P


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Heh, that's an awesome pic :-D


Oh, holy crow. high fives to you for the kick and to mikey for the excellent photo-ill. :=D

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