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It is so amazing that people think that Internet Exploder is the end-all be-all of web browsers. But on the other hand I guess it is not so hard to believe. People are take what they are given. It is so fun converting Exploder users into Mozilla users. Once they find out what tabbed browsing and ad blocking does for them they are hooked.

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Mozilla is far superiour to IE, there is absolutely no denying it, I just hate the people who wont accept that.

I mean I can accept that they want to use IE as their browser of choice (wierdos :P) but to not even admit that Mozilla is the better of the two is just ridiculous. It exeeds IE in every possible way esspecially in the fields of functionality (tabs, pop-up blocking, sidebars, image blocking, list could go on forever..) and security.

One word: Standards.

IE, for Mac and PC, will exept a lot of really bad code and make it look good. This is a bad thing because it makes a lot of coders and designers lazy web designers. Designers more so then coders cuz designers (usually) don'y get web design. Hey! there is a topic to post about! Sweet!

IE also has its own proprietary code that does not work in all browsers (can you say JScript, this is only one example).

I realize that Mozilla (the gecko rendering engine) is not perfect and up on ALL standards, but it far exceedes IE in standards, not to mention all other aspects of browser design.

Gecko and KHTML (Konqurer and Safari) are a lot nicer to code for from a web designer/developer standpoint.

Yup, I haven't used KHTML in a while (owning an x86 machine means I only get to use it in linux) but Gecko is the only engine I will use now.

I hate IE, Love XHTML 1.1 :-D :-D

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