My new bike

Yesterday I went down to the BG cycle shop and got a Giant Yukon. There were two reasons for this purchase, the first being more of need then want. My car has broke down, it doesn't like to start and when it does it likes to stall. But that is another blog entry all together. The second reason for getting a bike is because of want tho. I had a 15 speed Diamond Back stolen from campus 2 yrs. ago, and have wanted to get another bike ever since. I just now have more motivation: transportation. I must admit the seat on this thing is the hardest seat I have ever ridden on. I understand that if you are using a mountain bike to actually go mountain biking, you are not sitting down much at all. But man does it hurt the arse! I picked up a gell cover for the seat at Meijer today so we will see how that goes tomorrow when I go riding around town. This means I can bike around the corner to the frisbe golf range. yay! I never thought that 24 speeds would be worth anything. i'm used to a 10 and 15 speed bike. This one has 24. While riding home from work today (see I told you there was a need, good thing I live close to campus) I messed around with all the different speeds. Pretty cool. I have also never had a bike with shocks on them. Wow what a difference. I have never so effortlessly shifted gears either. In short I have never had a bike this nice before. It rocks. Oh and BG has a paved bike trail, so now I have a good reason to use it.

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Nice bike! I've never owned one with shocks :sad: :-P :-P
They are muuuch nicer to ride than normal bikes though :-D

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