My Opinions of the G5 case

Brawn(tm) Razor. That is what it looks like. But I guess that is how they are able to cool it. Whatever. I am sure the front grille will grow on me. I am glad they kept the handles. I am very glad to see USB and FireWire on the front of the case. I am going to be picky here and ask why not 2 USB and 1 FireWire. There are many PC cases that have two USB ports on the front. A headphone jack on the front is also nice to see, after all the iMac has had front headphone jacks for a while now. Why Apple decides to put the power button right next to the headphone jack is beyond me. On the G4 towers the power button is at least a inch away from the reset button. My main problem with the design is the lack of drive bays. It used to be that you got 4 drive bays on the Mac tower case (such as the 8500 or the G3 Server). The Blue & White G3 case went down to 3 then 2 drive bays. You could still install things into the G3 and early G4 cases though. The latest G4 cases (Quicksilver and Mirrored Door) only has 1 open drive bay (for a Zip drive or another optical drive). Now with the G5 case there is no open drive bay. What I like about the last two G4 cases is the ability to get the SuperDrive and a CD-RW. You got a Pioneer DVR-105, and the option to get a Sony CD-RW. Why Apple chose to use a slow CD-RW drive I do not know (the Sony CD-RW in the Quicksilver burns at 12x max). Having a second CD drive is handy no matter what. It is nice to be able to have 2 CDs in your computer. Call me lazy (lazy). The latest CD-RW's burn at 52x and RW at 24x. Mine at home burns at 48x and RW at 16x I think. So I can RW faster then I can burn a CD-R with that Pioneer 105 in the latest G4 and the new G5. Having a second bay in the G5 case would allow you to put in a fast CD-RW. If you look at the picture on Apple's site of the inside of the G5 case there is no place for another drive bay. Look at where the RAM slots are. Two words. Wasted space! I dislike the inside of the G5 case more then I dislike the outside. You now get no expansion bays at all. There is also no room to add internal storage (just two drive bays. You used to be able to add drives to a SCSI or IDE chain in older Apple cases). But is that needed? I don't know. You can buy internal and external components to most everything. I would just rather put them inside my computer. Portability of a hard drive or a CD burner is one thing, but so is clutter. But in true Apple style this case looks just as nice to open up and add/move things around like PCI cards and RAM. I can say from experience that the Dragon case of my Alienware rig is not the most friendly and/or spacious place to be moving components around. You can't have it all and I would much rather have the design of the Apple case then the expansion of your standard PC case.


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