New design is live

My new design is live and everyone likes it! I only have 2 templates for finish, archives main index and the date based archive. Other then that the new design is in place. I added an advanced search page today as well. I found another great reason to use Brad Choate's MTRegex plugin today: automatically add target="_blank" to the links! The Girlie Matters is where I found this most excellent tip:
<MTAddRegex>s|a href|a target=\"_blank\" href|g</MTAddRegex>
Next on the list of things to do for those 2 above mentioned templates and the search results template. Oh and some day I will update my own blog's templates ;-D.

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Personally, I have target="_blank" disabled in my browser.

If I want a new window (or tab, mmmmmm tabs) I open it myself :=D

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