Nike Shox for Sale

When the Nike Shox first came out I bought a pair. I wore them for maybe a half an hour and decided I could not use them. What a disappointment. I have flat feet, and the arch in these shoes is unreal. If you know anyone who would want to own a pair of size 14 Nike Shox BB4 please email me ken[at]meancode[dot]com. Thanks. Also if you would pass the word around that I am selling them. if you know anyone who would want them let them know too. They have been sitting here in my bedroom and I want to get them out of here. i'm willing to negotiate the price. I will give you a fair deal since these are the old style Shox. So, any takers?





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Maurice W.:

Send pictures of the sneakers

I deleted (by accident) the photo. I also sold these things on eBay. Sorry, you are too late.

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