Splinter Cell for PS2

The one game that I had for XBOX that I did not want to give up was Splinter Cell. Well I sure was happy when they announced it would ship for the PS2. I was presently suprised to see the movie at the beginning of the game is different. The cut scenes are also somewhat different. Even more interesting to note is that the levels are changed around a bit. The objectives are the same but the way you complete the objectives, and the strategy used is different. I cannot believe it! I wonder if they made things different for the Game Cube version of the game, or the PC version. I figured it would be a direct port from the XBOX version. It is nice that they changed things up a bit because I had finished the first 3 levels of the XBOX version. Things are not exactly as they were, which is nice. Splinter Cell does really push the hardware of the PS2. I know when they developed it first for the XBOX they spacifcly made it for the XBOX capabilities. The PS2 does not handle the night vision goggles effect as nice. Also the loading times are killer long in comparison to the XBOX version. The lighting doesn't seem as crisp either. This is the first time I have seen a game on both the PS2 and XBOX and noticibly seen the PS2 get its but whooped in graphics and performance. On the other side of the coin though: The PS2 handles particles in Splinter Cell better. The fog effects through the game are much nicer. The XBOX doesn't do fog and rain well and I don't know why. Every play the Tanker Mission in Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance on the XBOX. When you are outside on the ships deck there is a rain effect on the "camera" that the XBOX just chuggs at (That was the main reason I waited for Substance to be released for the PS2, I might review that in the future). This is such a well put together game thought the loading times don't subtract from the fact that this is one of the best games I have played in years. It also seems harder on the PS2. I am in the second mission right now and because of the changes made to the level design it makes the game a bit harder. But thats OK with me. This game is so much fun.

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