The Italian Job (2003)

I cannot stand it when a movie trailer shows not only plot points, but resolves key parts of the movie later on in the trailer. The Italian Job's trailer did exactly that - told the entire movie. They did that with the Episode 1 trailer to a large degree as well. I really was not interested in seeing The Italian Job. And would not have if it were not for my buddy Mike who wanted to see it. Of course the only reason he wanted to see it was because of the new Mini Coopers in it. They were pretty cool. There were some nice driving scenes. But this story was just about revenge over the death of someone. Very over cooked if you asked me. Now after saying that it wasn't a bad summer flick. I am interested in seeing the original now, that's for sure. It was not too long, it didn't drag on and on at all. I would have much rather seen Bruce Almighty, but The Italian Job was an above average film. It was no "wow" but you don't get those every time you go to the theater. It got pretty good reviews and did well at the box office so I must not the be the only one who liked it. Oh, one more thing, I noticed Spider Man in the movie.


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