The RIAA and "The Little Guy"

Is it just me or does music cost too much? I for one really like the $9.99 Price for an album on the iTunes Music Store. I just wish the Apple Music Store had more music, and more full albums. From this report on The Register
... But we also believe that the business model for music, and the pricing of it in particular, needs a major overhaul. As it happens, so did the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The following is verbatim from a ruling from May 10, 2000. “The FTC estimates that U.S. consumers may have paid as much as $480 million more than they should have for CDs and other music because of these policies over the last three years.”
Now the RIAA is after its end users, individuals, not just stupid morons that are pirating TONS of music. They are now after my 80 year old grandma because she gave a friend a couple Frank Sinatra songs (that was hypothetical, my grandmother does not even own a CD player, hell I don't think she has a tape deck in the house.) I agree that there needs to be a better way to get music. paying $15 to $20 for the latest CD is not it. Apple's plan seems to be working, out of the gate at least. As the article points out its about supply and demand. People will create the supply because there is way too much demand, and the RIAA is not the ones providing it. Think of this. Before Napster no one knew about the RIAA. Now everyone, even people who don't know what MP3 is, hates the RIAA. They created that, not the customers. Now they want to sue them. i'm not gonna disagree with the fact that the artists deserve money for their work, but the entire music business model needs some serious adjusting. Anyways it is a great article, as most from The Reg are.

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