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With the release of the IBM 970 chip and the PowerMac G5 I would think it would have been a good time as any to also release a (first party) 2 button mouse. I was chatting with a buddy of mine, Eric, about this and he had a good point. Sell a single button mouse with the consumer line (iMac) and a two button mouse with the pro line (PowerMac). Well why not just sell it as a BTO (Built to Order) option on the Apple Store. Although I don't know if people would really mind having a second mouse button. Just sell all Apple computers with 2 button mice. This would save the cost of buying a two (or more) button mouse from another vendor. Also think about this: am Apple designed two button mouse would be very easy to use. I am sure they would come up with nice placement for the two buttons, and why not a scroll wheel? It would look beatiful and be much more functional. At least with a PowerMac or iMac you can get another mouse. Do you realize how much nicer it would be to have a second mouse button on my PowerBook? I realize this goes completely in the oppisite direction of the entire 'ease of use' theory Apple has going for it. Apple seems to think that a second mouse button confuses people. Well I know total nOObs that are even starting to see the power of a second mouse button. It is almost like when you figure out a cool keyboard shortcut. Apple has done a great job at putting very usefull options in the contextual menus of OS X, they need to sell a two button mouse with the Mac. UPDATE: Oh and another thing: Why on earth is the Pro Mouse $60? It should be wireless for that price. You can find two and three button mice for 1/2 to 1/3 the cost of an Apple Pro Mouse. I mean, you do not have to put that much engeneering into a single button mouse. Also think of this. Don't most people like to work faster on their computer? multi-button mice do this. Just like keyboard shortcuts make you work faster. We OK now I am just trying to make a point to not having/using a two button mouse. Which incidently I read comments on at the Macworlld Forums and which prompted this post.

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Annoys me that does (only because I'm used to it, but..) you press your middle finger down and then want to slap yourself and realise that you're pressing the same button as you just did with your index finger.
I personally just -really- dont like the Apple pro mouse :-/

I don't think I could live without my 5 buttons ;-D

Well OK I didn't want to say this and sound like a dork but since SPeedY_B already did I just have to follow suit :-D

For my PowerBook (and sometimes my PC) I use a Kensington Turbo MouseĂ Pro. It was a gift, as I would have to think hard about spending $120 on a mouse. But after using it for some time now I can say it is well worth the cash.

For my PC (and sometimes my PowerBook) I use a LogitechĂ MX˘500 Optical.

And I could not live with out all those buttons either.

I'm gonna have to go with Speedy and Ken... real "pro" users (and even serious hobbyists such as myself) can't really survive with less than 5 buttons... I'd even love one with 8 or 10, especially if the software was as great as Kensington's.

The Kensington software is really nice, by far the best mouse software out. This is the first Logitech mouse I have ever owned. All the mice I have owned are Kensington. I was presently suprised that the OS X software for the Logitech mice is also very nice.

Heh i remember we used to install Kensinton MouseWorks on all the OS 9 systems even though they did not have Kensington mice. We did this because the driver accelorated the mouse a lot better then the OS 9 Mouse Control Panel. The combo of the Mouse Control Panel speed slider and the options in MouseWorks is great! IMO the OS X Mouse preference pane does a lot better then the OS 9 counterpart.

Ronan Donohoe:

Always felt that a one button mouse was more efficient - letting you use the command key for contextual menus meant you always had one hand on the keyboard ready to strike as it were. I use the mouse as little as possible and get things a helluva lot faster with keyboard shortcuts.
Try quitting 5 apps by using the mouse to go to File>Quit then try it using Command +Q and Command + Tab.
A scroll wheel might be nice though.
Just one other perspective.

Oh I totally agree with you Ronan. I am sure there is a good portion of my brain filled up with keyboard shortcuts. I still cant work without a 2 button mouse.

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