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buy_screwed.gif This is great. Somebody, Adam Lasnik made a parody of their logo. " Get Screwed." So as others have done I am also going to warn people as well. If you are a PC only person just wait till Apple comes out with iTunes 4 and the Music Store for Windows. For one iTunes for Windows will be like no other jukebox software on Windows, and the experience buying digital will not be the pure shit experience that is.

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I'm honored and pleased to have my parody logo getting some attention (especially given my generally pathetic graphic skillz :D)

However, I do want to respectfully note that I'm bummed to see much of the commentary about being swerved towards a Mac vs. PC debate.

The fact is, there are crappy implementations of PC software and services, just as there are certainly crappy implementations of Mac stuff as well.

There are already some laudable digital music services for the PC, IMHO.'s interface is attractive, their offerings broad and enjoyable, and their customer service is quite good. PressPlay's interface is a bit more quirky, but the service does offer some really neato playlist functionality and -- like's Rhapsody -- tons of tracks to listen to. Both services are available now for the PC (and from what I understand, at least isn't even available for Macheads yet ;-)

My point is that the digital music service sphere really has little to do with computer platform superiorities (or lack thereof). Had BuyMusic launched simultaneously for mac users, I'm sure their customer service would have been just as bad, the DRM restrictions would have been just as onerous, and so on.

There are plenty of reasons why Macs kick PC booty, and, IMHO, visa versa.

Current implementations of digital music services, however, are not part of this ;)


You raise two very good points.

The Mac vs. PC point however has been brought on by They have commercials that are a direct parody of the iTunes Music Store commercials. So they bring on the criticsm and comparison themselves.

If they were going to support the Mac platform they would have used a technology that would allow for cross platform DRM. WMP 9 is not it, AAC is, and that is why Apple has chose to use AAC.

So has brought this Mac vs. PC debate on themselves, and they deserve it! If they are going to make commercials that make people THINK its an Apple iTunes Music Store commercial at first, they have gone too far IMO.

Hearing about Jennifer's experience with's technical support with Windows I also doubt their competence if they were to support the Mac platform.

It is amazong how people think the Mac platform is the harder of the two to support, isnt it.

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