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UPDATE Jennfier over at Scriptygoddess had a "great" experience with that you should read. A small tidbit of info:
Update: This is in the trackback but important enough to be brought into this post. Privacy policies are something I don't usually pay attention to but really should, but what has in theirs is just wrong. Jenett linked to Stereoboy's post where he pointed out this little tidbit from their policy: "we may disclose, sell, trade, or rent your Personally Identifiable Information to others without your consent" . Not cool.
Yea, that is really not cool. Their TV commerical is a blatent rip off of the iTunes Music Store (iMS) commercials. Its such a rip it almost comes across as another Apple commercial. It is a shame Apple has not introduced the iMS for Windows yet. They are working on it but now they have to compete with Even if has what seems to me like an inferior service they do have a leg up, they are out of the gate first. At first this looks like a good service for Windows, but after further inspection and research it looks pretty bad. It appears each artist has different limits for downloading, tranfers, and burns. Some allow one burn, some three, and some are unlimited. It's a confusing mess. It's a blatant and inferior copy to Apple's effort. There is a reason the site has How To videos - It is not intuitive enough a process to use. I found this on a board, its funny: Hmm, If I were a parent, would I want my kids to have "a thousand songs in their pocket" or do I prefer's tag line of "get loaded"?! makes heavy use of ActiveX and the DRM in Windows Media Player 9. I cannot even view the site in Mozilla in Windows, I get this:
Thank you for visiting In order to take full advantage of's offerings you must be on a Windows Operating System using Internet Explorer version 5.0 or higher.
I can get to it on IE 5 for the Mac, but the search is horrid. I read this is becuase the search actually requires ActiveX, thus Windows. Please go to and read their agreement. You are not buying anything at all! I don't know if anyone has noticed this or not but the Tommy Lee commercial is a rip on the iMS, that is the same gatar used to promote iMS. The following is a list of things I have found out today about through first hand experience and reading multiple boards:
* Non-transferrable licenses. Downloaded files WILL NOT PLAY once you retire the PC you bought the tracks on. * Can't burn all songs to CD. Other songs have a limited number of burns, such as 3. * Can't use all songs on portable players. Other songs can only be transferred to a player a limited number of times. * Can't use all brands of portable player. No iPod, no Archos players, nothing that doesn't support WMA with WMP9's DRM. * Can't transfer songs to your other computers. You can separately download, from scratch, a "secondary" version of some songs on a limited number (such as 3) of other computers. Secondary licenses can't burn CDs or use portable players at all. When those computers are retired, you can't use the secondary licenses anymore. * Price. Songs start at .79, popular ones tend to be .99, and they cost up to $1.99 or more each. Albums start at $7.95 and range to $14.99 or more. More, in some cases, than themselves charges for the actual CD. * Despite the site name, you do NOT buy the music. You "sublicense" it. Their own fine print says that you do not "buy" or "own" what you have paid for. This is little different from past rental/subscription failures, but minus their monthly fee. * Can't preview every song. * The restrictions on burning CDs, "secondary" computers, and using on portable players vary from song to song. Complex rules about different types of licenses ("primary" vs. "secondary"). Confusion rather than consistency. * Tied completely to Microsoft (.net, Explorer/ActiveX, and WMP 9) * Slower, awkward store interface and multi-step technical process, compared to iTunes' complete simplicity and fast searching/instant re-sorting. BuyMusic needs complex how-to videos while iMS just works and is integrated into the jukebox. * Can't download a whole album automatically. You must get the songs individually. (Bad for users and artists alike.) * If you buy multiple songs at once, you must wait for each to finish downloading and then manually click to download the next. * Cover art is not included with the songs. (Windows Media Player is able to locate art online, though, as a separate step.) * Your current media player (like WinAmp) where all your ripped CDs are, will not play downloads--not even if your player supports WMA. It must support the DRM too (WinAmp doesn't, causing problems if it's set to be the app used with .wma files.) So... you can ONLY play your tunes from Windows Media Player 9. No making playlists that combine those songs with your CDs. No transferring them to your player in one step along with your CDs. No shuffle-playing your WinAmp collection and your BM downloads. * Many songs on the site are "Not available for sale." Whatever that means. * Supposedly's parent company tends to spam customers heavily. * Lastly... no Mac (or Linux or other UNIX) support. Not even if you copy the WMA files to WMP for OS X. I had high hopes for this service when I first heard about it. It is a shame. I cannot wait to see the iMS for Windows! Isn't it funny how so many companies copy Apple almost to the t.

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There's a good review of and why it sucks so bad over here:


ya so get this, i just saw the commercial and i got so pissed i went to get on there site so i could email them and just bitch at em, send a nasty email. anyways when i went there i could even see the site and i was on IE 5.2....u have no idea how much i hate them right now...FOO RUS TATED with ppl like them.


Actually, i wouldn't call this copying at all. :-P

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