Completed Splinter Cell

I have not had much time to play video games as of late. I have been way too busy. But being busy is good because it means I am making money. I finished Splinter Cell last weekend on normal difficulty. But I am still playing it this weekend (on hard difficulty) because the game is just so darn good. I would have to rate Splinter Cell above Meta Gear Solid 2. It definatly has the production values of MGS2. It has a very good story line. It is, IMO, harder then MGS2. My lord this game is hard! The CIA level, and the Chinese Embesy level, they are tough because you cannot kill anyone. You cannot even knock someone out with a Stickey Shocker in the Chinese Embesy level. Splinter Cell was a much longer and more ejoyable game then MGS2. I had the chance last weekend to play through the game on the XBOX. I am really amazed at the differences in the two games. There is a mission, Nuclear Power Plant, that is not in the XBOX version. A number of the FMV's were also different between platfroms. They went the extra mile in the production of this game on the PS2 which is something that is not common. I am right now on the Oil Rig mission in Hard mode and it sure is a differene. If you spook a civilian they now go and get a guard! Hard mode makes the game even more of a stealth game like MGS2 is. In normal mode there is more action in Splinter Cell then MGS2 and I think that is why I like it more. Splinter Cell is a better mix of stealth and action, where as MGS2 is heavy on the stealth. But thats not a bad thing! I for one cannot wait to get my hands on MGS3. Splinter Cell 2 should be pretty darn cool too. From a technical standpoint this game used lights and shadows, and noise for that matter, much more then ANY game I have played before, even MGS2. Splinter Cell has created a new plateau for game developers. OK back to work for me I have 3 site designs I have to work on.

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