I hate Quark

I am going to be blunt here. I ******* HATE QUARK! OK i feel a little better now. I am going to do my best here not to go on a cussing spree, and will prolly have to edit this when i am done, heh. I am really pissed, and I am writing this after work today, and I am still irritated about this.

I have always not liked Quark, the company, or QuarkXPress the product, but at the moment I have a very good reason to hate them. Their Sales and Tech Support staff are most the time not helpfull. And their pricing policy is just down right horrid. (To "upgrade" from Quark 3.3 to Quark 4 you had to pay full price, EVEN FOR EDUCATION.)

Here is the situation.

We have a 15 seat lab pack of Quark 4. Quark 4 was hardware dongled for some reason. We have an assortment of OLD and REALLY OLD computers that have Quark 4 installed. Said REALLY OLD computers are ADB based, and said OLD computers actually have a USB port (whoa!). So of our 15 seats of Quark, 7 are USB and 8 have ADB dongles. In the past when we got an OLD computer and got rid of a REALLY OLD computer we have called Quark and traded a ADB dongle for a USB dongle.

We got 12 new eMac's last week (still need to post about that, I took pictures ;-D). So we no longer have the need for the ADB dongles. I called Quark today and guess what, Quark has no more USB dongles either. And its not like any of there resellers have any either (I called). What is their solution? Spend Money! Upgrade right now. 15 seats times $145/seat equals $2175. We do plan to upgrade when we move to OS X but not untill then (Quark 6 required OS 10.2 and we cannot move to OS X just yet).

I am not about to upgrade to Quark 5 so I can still use OS 9 for the time being and then upgrade to Quark 6 when we move to OS X (which was the suggestion I was given). I can understand my boss's point of view. He just spent over 10k on hardware, he really doesn't want to spend the 2k for Quark right now. Oh and there is a hidden cost in there, NewsEdit Pro and the Quark Xtentions we use (Both from Baseview) that run in Quark 6 and in OS X. The Baseview upgrade is going to run 3k. Does this person from Quark even remotely give the impression of caring? No. She checked with her supervisor about the USB dongles issue, but that was about it.

I understand that Quark 4 is old news, but how many customers do you think still use Quark 4? And we have been a long time customer.

Aside from the cost aspect, The BG News, Gavel, Miscellany, Obsidian, and BG News Production are NOT ready to jump to OS X just yet. It is going to happen in say January, that much has been discussed and agreed upon. But not right now.

What is going to happen is that a number of the eMac's that were bought to be layout machine's are going to sit in boxes for a few months, or be used as text entry stations (something a beige G3 is quite good at). I am going to have to use 2nd generation iMac's for the pagination stations with the exeption of 2 that will be new eMac's. Yay, what a geat use of the new hardware!

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did you figure out a work around?

i have two quark ADB dongles and a bunch of imacs with usb only. any way to make them able to use quark 4?

I can't even tell which version of quark we should have. the dongle says "102079 / DNGL SUB. / PP XP MAC 400.NLS / 9736***002"

Is the dongle even needed?

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