iPod or Firewire/USB Hard Drive

Hmmm. This for me really is not much of a choice. I thought about this a year and a half ago when I bought a 40 GB firewire HD. I don't listen to tunes when I am not in front of my computer so an iPod would not really do much for me. It costs $469 (educational price) for a 30 GIG iPod. It costs $399 for an 80 GIG bus powered Firewire & USB 2 hard drive from OWC. I would buy again from The MacSmith but they do not carry the 80 GIG, only the 60 GIG. I cannot see buying a new drive and only getting 20 GIG out of it. Doubling my available "On-The-Go" space is a better deal. So lets recap: $469 for 30 GIG iPod that tried hard to be an uber PDA (Address Book, iCal integration, and music player) or the $399 80 GIG drive which tries to be a hard drive. Oh and the added bonus is the OWC HD has firewire and USB on the drive. You don't have to have some proprietary iPod > Firewire cord to use it as a hard drive (IMO the worst "feature" of the new iPod design). And as much as I have drooled over owning an iPod I am going to take a pass this time and just get the hard drive. Added bonus #2: I don't have to buy a $15 cord from apple to hook the hard drive up to my PC, I just plug in the USB. Now I am sure you are asking "why the heck does Ken need 80 GIG of portable storage? And no my mp3 collection is not that big! Between my Carbon Copy Cloner archive of my Powerbook, my Retrospect backups of my important files from my PowerBook and my Alienware, and my mp3 collection, that 40 GIG drive has very little room on it. Not to mention the fact I keep a OS X and XP software installers to all the freeware/shareware etc, that I use.


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