Lot of damage in BG yesterday

Yesterday about 3 PM the sky was black as can be with rain and wind at around 50 to 60 mhp. In normal Ohio fasion the storm did not last an hour, but it sure did a lot of damage in that time. Most the city was without power. The University was on the side of the city, and the side of Wooster Street, that did have pwer though. So work went on with only brown outs. the UPC's on the servers were going bonkers for a while so I shut them down for maybe 20 min. Not only was there flooding, downed trees and car accidents but there were buildings on campus that were damaged. The roof of the BGSU Airport hanger was ripped off. A number of airplains were damaged. The wind ran one of the plains into the display fighter jet. The helicopter was picked up by the wind, the blades of the propellers were smashed to pieces. They also have a lot of water damage, the place is flooded. A number of buildings have roof tiles torn off and have leaks, these include: Harshman Quad, McDonald Hall, Olscamp, Moore Musical Arts Building, Student Health Service Building, and the Business Administration Building. The BG News reports that the roof of the BA was beginning to sag so they moved people to the first floor. A fallen tree was partly on top of the roof of the Student Health Service building. The Perry Field house has damage to a roof and part of a wall. A large tree was down over Wooser Street in front of McFall so that pretty much stopped all traffic. Many trees were uprooted on campus and around town. Oak Grove Cemetery is a mess, as is much of campus with down trees and branches.

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