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The editor (Dan Nied) wanted a 3 column layout, and I wanted a less dull color palette. Also with a third column I can put things in such as "more articles by this author" etc. We were also shooting for something that was less "bloggy" and I think I have succeeded. It looks less like a blog and it is not all dull gray. The blue really pops nicely, at least IMHO. That is, BTW, my most favorite blue, #336699. And if you are asking, yes I can name, by hex, all the colors used in that layout :-P I am also happy to see (as this image shows) that it looks good at 800x600. It is viewable at 640x480 although I do not advise it. This is not live yet but you can still check it out. The poll on the left is a piece of work. I cannot tell you how much I like sympoll. It is exactly what it says. It is easy to configure and easy to use. All you need is a MySQL database and you are set. It is very customizable too.

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