New G4's for Student Publications

Today I spent $13,000 and some change for student publications. We ordered: * 12 800 Mhz G4 eMacs * 1 Dual 1.25 Ghz PowerMac G4 We even got that tilt and swivel stand for them cuz its just so cool! These computers are for the BG News, Obsidian, Gavel, and Miscellany. Let me put things into a little perspective. The BG News currently uses 7100/200's for writing and first generation (beige) g3 desktops for page layout. Production uses first generation iMacs (bondi) as does the Obsidian, Gavel and Miscillany. Yea. Old. We are moving all these publications to OS X as well. The only thing holding us back at the moment is Quark (go figure!) since they have not yet released the Lab Pak for Quark 6. I was however happy to find out that it will only be $145 a seat to upgrade the lab pack. We own 15 licenses, so there is another $2000 (well ok mr. picky that would be $2175). But seeing as how much Quark 6 costs retail I am very happy with that price. If we can get Quark 6 by Christmas Break (I sure hope so) that is when we will be switching to Mac OS X. I am dreading this. Supporting OS 9 is cake, supporting OS X takes work. Especially since the users are journalists who have no patients at all with computers. A year ago we got a Mac OS X Server (Quicksilver G4) so that helps a lot. I can just see permission issues with the files for the newspaper and such. OS 10.3 should be out by then so we can take advantage of the Font Book app so we do not need to buy Suitcase or Font Reserve. Adobe volume licensing sure is nice. As long as you buy 20 “points” worth of software you qualify. This allows us to buy Photoshop 7 for $150 a seat. We will need to buy Illustrator, Acrobat and a few other apps but they are similarly priced. More on this when they arrive. I know the PowerMac will take 3 to 4 weeks but the eMacs should be here shortly.

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So, how DID you take the old miser into spending that kind of money???


You gotta fix the window for your comments doesn't go away after you post...irritating...grr

When you post it refreshes to show your post with the rest.

This is a test. I am gonna preview then post. I dont know why u had 3 posts.

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