New PowerBook on the way

As I posted about earlier that I could not get a new PowerBook in Columbus, when I got home at midnight I called up the Online Apple Store and placed my order. I wired the money Monday, and now on Wednesday I am already getting some of my order. My iSight and HP DeskJet 6127 came today. My AppleCare Protection Plan (APP) and Final Cut Pro 4 upgrade will arrive tomorrow. My PowerBook will ship tomorrow as well. My iPod will not ship until the 28th because I got it engraved.

I just read the *new* rumors about the aluminumium 15" PowerBooks (I think they should be built out of animatium personally). So I bought be a 15" TiBook. 1 Ghz, 1 GB RAM, 60 GB HD, SuperDrive, Airport is built in. Education discounts are down 5% to 15% right now so I was also able to buy some other toys I otherwise would not have. I payed LESS for this 1 Ghz TiBook then I did for my original 500 MHz TiBook in 2001.

So why buy when the new one is undoubtedly around the corner soon-ishly. I got hundreds of dollars off the price, the extra 512 stick and the APP for "free." But the main reason: it will boot into OS 9. The aluminum 15" won't.

But wait... there's more... and if you order right now...oops sorry.

I got a iSight, 30 GB iPod and a HP 6127 DeskJet printer. Like I said I would not have thought of getting some of this stuff, mainly that expensive iPod, but the reduced price on the already reduced educational price really rox! They have a rebate going, laptop + ipod + printer = 300$ rebate. So I either only payed 200$ for the iPod or i'm $50 in the black for that printer purchase (printer was $250). I call that a good deal, either way you slice it.

This HP is ethernet as well, so I can put in on my home LAN and print from my TiBook and my Alienware rig. That and the rebate were enough reasons to get the printer. It is 4800 dpi so I am sure printouts will look purrrty.

SoundTrack was $300 and the upgrade to Final Cut Pro 4 was $400. So I got the upgrade as it comes with SoundTrack as well. I played with SoundTrack at the Apple Store, oooh that's such a nice loops app. It reminds me of ACID sorta. And hey, guess what, the lead programmer for ACID = the lead programmer for SoundTrack, go figure.

So yea, I cant wait till my new loot gets here. Like Christmas in July, er late bday gift, er I wanted new toys, er whatever.

Now before you say i'm a spoiled little bitch (dot com) (Jake) I work hard for my toys.

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/me is so jelous :mad: :-P :-P

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