OS X 10.3 Panther Visual Tour

Did I ever tell you I hate frames (this site uses frames, and instead of giving you naviation directions to this file I just linked to the page)? Anyway, check out this page. Lots of good stuff to drool over. A couple things I noticed that I believe are good improvements to the UI: Up until now there has been no sperater line ala OS 9 in menus, OS X just had a "blank" menu item. These blank spots made the menus even longer then they needed to be. The addition of the lines back into the menus is nice. Tabs are gone! I can't believe that. They no longer float above the window. It looks like Apple finally put a MOM (Microsoft Office Manager from Office 2001) like application switcher into 10.3. Windows has had this since forever. One thing I cannot stand is command tabbing through the open apps in the Dock, its just not the place to cycle through your open apps. And I guess Apple got enough complaints about that (they got mine). In addition to the Charector Palette there is now a Key Caps and Japanese Palette in the Input Menu. These charector palettes are very handy if you even know they are there (hint hint nudge nudge to you designers). The new Keyboard Shortcuts section of the new combined Keyboard & Mouse preference pane is nice. You can now change all those shortcuts easily. Expose is really gonna rock! Wow the System Profile app has been totally revamped. And if it is faster that is even better! All in all I like the GUI changes in Panther. I for one cannot wait.

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