PowerBook dilemma

Should I get a 12" 867 Mhz or a 15" 1 Ghz? Is 1024x768 on a 12" screen too small? Do I want to buy another Titanium after all the problems I have had with this one, even though it has gone through 4 revisions? Do I want to buy another PowerBook on its initial release? Do I want to give up the ability to boot into Mac OS 9? Do I want a Mac with no L3 cache? Do I really need Bluetooth and AirPort Extreme? What about the heat problem under the left palm rest of the 12" AlBook? Will I have the same optical drive issues in the new revision 15" What about an updated enclosure for the 15" PB? Is the fan in the new 15" PB really that bad? On sunday I am venturing to the Columbus Apple Store. I am psyched about that in general, I have never been to an Apple Store. I will take my digi camera to record this wonderful event. I have had this 500 Mhz TiBook since April 2001 and it has had its problems. It has been into Apple Repair 4 times, it would have been 5 but once it was because of a User Installable Part (the keyboard). The logic board, top case, bottom case (so that is the entire case), CD-ROM drive, keyboard, and video/backlight unit have been replaced on this thing. But I must say that Apple Support have been very good considering everthing involved.
A roomate of a friend has a 12" PB and it sure has Reality Distortion Field coolness to it, thats for sure. Though there are some things that bother me. It has no L3 cache. That thing gets HOT! The left palm rest gets too hot to type for over say, a minute long. You have to lift your hand off of the computer. The keyboard doesn't move so if feels a little more solid, but the keys are painted! I can tell the right side of the space bar is going to be missing paint before any other key. For having the smallest screen of a PowerBook you cannot hook it up to a digital screen w/o a very expensive adapter. But I have not decided yet which one to get. I do not believe in waiting until a better model comes out. The price on both the 12" and 15" dropped a couple months back so they are both a great deal then they originally were. So Sunday evening I could be playing with a new 12" or 15" PowerBook. Most likely I will get one while I am in Columbus though. I'm not coming back empty handed! Can I pass up an iPod while I am there? After all they will be staring right at me. Yes I think I can. Either 'Book is leap years (that is 2 yrs. in the computer word) ahead of my current 'Book. The 8 MB ATI RAGE gfx card in my Ti500 really hinders the performance more then the 500 Mhz G4 proc. Its not like this thing is unbrearable to do Photoshop work in. But I do want to be able to burn CD's on the go. Pros for a 15" PowerBook 1 Ghz G4 will last longer then 867 Mhz G4 1 MB L3 cache greatly enhances performance Twice the core speed of current TiBook 64 MB ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 2 current batteries work in new model Can still boot into Mac OS 9 (yes I still use OS 9) Pros for a 12" PowerBook As small as an iBook/looks so cool Newer architecture/design Costs less Keys don't scratch LCD Did I mention it costs less? Brandon thinks I am getting a new Mac as retribution for buying a PC. Well that is not it, not by a long shot. Now if the G5 were out this past January I would not have gotten a PC. IMO Apple waited a tad too long to introduce a successor to the G4. When I get the G5 at work I can really test it next to my 3 Ghz P4 (which still costs less then the G5). So why the hell am I getting a new Mac? I have a PC that does everything I need. Well not everything. My PC is not the most user friendly and joy to use as my Mac. I still enjoy using the Mac OS a lot better, even at the price of speed. More specifically the CD-ROM in this 'Book does not work most of the time. There is something wrong with the loading mechanism that would cost me more to get it fixed then this computer is worth. I also find that burning a CD/DVD is much nicer on the Mac. A blazing fast burner in my PC does me no good when the software available (Nero and CD Creator) are lacking in quality. So regardless of which 'Book I get I am getting a CD-RW in it (actually i'll get the DVD-RW) and a much better graphics card that can handle Quartz Extreme. Those are really the two reasons I want a new Mac. Well that and I can offord it after my last couple clients.

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