Selling old PowerBook

This is what I am selling. 15.2" 500 Mhz PowerBook G4 (rev. a) - 512 MB RAM - 40 GB HD - AirPort Card - CD-RW (after market, this model did not come with a CD-RW) - 1 Battery - 2 Power Adapters - 1 yr. AppleCare Protection Plan (this is transferable to the new owner) - never used keyboard in plastic (ie sans wear and tear of two years) 10 GB Bus Powered FireWire Drive HP 970cxi DeskJet Printer (w/duplexing unit and USB cable) AirPort Base Station If you are interested email me at ken[at]meancode[dot]com.

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** checks bank account **
hmmm, I need more money :=D

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